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GenoPro : A practical solution for Researchers

When presenting a research paper, good research results are often obscured by poor presentation. GenoPro offers a solution for gathering large amounts of information from your research in a visual format. As a result of using GenoPro, your research results will be easily read and understood by yourself and your readers!

GenoPro makes use of the genogram to present generational structures. Genograms present genetic factors, which are known to underlie all aspects of health and disease. However, the use of genograms is not limited to humans. Genograms allow researchers to understand multi generational processes within various plant and animal species, such as the development of mutations in mice exposed to radiation. Genograms can also illustrate rates of renewal, mechanisms of survival, or processes involved in the regulation of tolerance, among other things.

GenoPro allows you to create genograms that can be read and interpreted as easily as a pie chart. You may develop your own symbols or custom tags to suit your research subject. As you working with a visual display, you will see patterns emerge or discover unknown relations, every researcher’s goal.

Once your data has been entered into individual properties, use the report generator to perform complex data processing. Instead of creating endless tables of statistics by hand, use GenoPro to generate detailed HTML and graphical reports. You will be amazed to see all your data come together so easily.

A practical solution

GenoPro is easy to understand and use. By using GenoPro, you will be able to quickly evaluate your data and to present your findings in a reader-friendly format. As a researcher, you will be able to spend more time understanding your data as opposed to gathering it in graphs.

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