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Iain Tait Success Story

My first interest in my ancestors was sparked when a cousin sent me a partial hand written family tree which seemed to indicate the connection between two branches of the Beath family who emigrated to Australia. This was given to my grandfather Dr David Leslie Beath by Dr Robert Maitland Beath after their meeting at a medical convention. Both thought that the David who emigrated was the father of my grandfather.

I have since discovered this to be untrue and that the families are possibly connected at least four generations earlier. Another cousin who had visited Australia gave me several telephone numbers there and after spending a fortune on telephone bills (before broadband !) I was sent an A3 hand made family tree of the Australian family. My cousins in the UK added their families and more details all on my mother's side while my father's family remained a mystery for a long time.

I then discovered Scotlands People and was able to add my father's ancestors with help from another cousin and then again I discovered Genes Reunited which opened Pandora's box and I was inundated with contacts. I tried many types of software starting with TreeDraw (Graphical but limited) followed by Brothers Keeper, Family Tree Maker, PAF, and finally Legacy which was the best, or so I thought! I then discovered GenoPro version 1.00 and realized that this was different.

My first report was most impressive for me as I had already tried GedPage. The only problem was that I had to add all the places of birth, marriage and death into each page source code by copying and pasting which took me weeks to do, but with a more pleasing result. The next step was to buy GenoPro Gold many years ago (I don't remember exactly when) and discovered the forum and soon after that the Beta program and I haven't looked back. Every Beta was better than the last and with Ron's work on the skins the addresses were eventually available in the report which is what I had hoped for for so long. But it didn't stop there as Ron continued to amaze us with SVG images and even Maps with help from several other equally talented members.

I never dreamt that when I started with GenoPro 1.00 that things would advance this far, and it hasn't stopped! As things are I am more than content with the results I get when generating a report for my web site which I had set up especially for my family tree so many years ago (Dan should know when I registered) and have been happy to recommend it to family and friends, some of whom have bought the software without regrets. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring with this amazing software.

Iain Tait

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