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Narrative Report Translation

This page describe how to translate (localize) the report skin English Narrative Report.  GenoPro is available in multiple languages, however can generate HTML reports only in English.  If you follow the steps below, you will be able to generate reports in other languages.

In the future we plan to improve our report skin format to support multiple languages per skin.  In the meantime, you must overwrite the file Dictionary.xml with the desired language.

How to change the language of a report

In a nutshell, you have to create a custom skin, and replace the file named Dictionary.xml which contains the text of the foreign language.  Here are the steps:

1. Click on the button Edit Skin which will create a copy of the English Narrative Report into your hard disk.  By default, the folder path of the customized report will be something like
C:\Program Files\GenoPro\Skins\Customized English Narrative Report

Customizing an HTML report

Customizing an HTML report.

2. [Optional] Rename the folder "Customized English Narrative Report" to something more meaningful to you such as "Customized Spanish Report" or "Rapport narratif français".
3. [Optional] Open the file Config.xml, change the 3rd line with:

<Skin Name="English Narrative Report" Language="EN">

with a descriptive title for you as well as the correct language code:

<Skin Name="Rapport narratif français" Language="FR">

4. Download and replace the .xml file containing the localized text:

To download and save an XML file, most of the time you need to Right click on the link and select "Save Target/Link As..."

Français / French by jcguasp/Ron

Config.xml pour Narrative Report( update 2011/1/16)
Dictionary.xml pour Narrative Report
Config.xml pour Descendants Report

Español - Spanish by haep (
Español Instruction
Italiano - Italian by vlepore ( update 2008/5/16)
Italiano Instruction
Nederlands - Dutch by Nand ( update 2008/5/12)

Pусский - Russian by ddv by Alex ( update 2012/7/26)
More info:

Deutsch - German by maru-san ( update 2008/9/15)

日本語 - Japanese by maru-san ( update 2008/5/15)

Polski - Polish by Quayle ( update 2009/03/7)
Català - Catalan by Jordi-Albert Batalla

Slovenčina - Slovak by Jozef Dic ( update 2008/11/11)

Albanian- Shqip by Erton Kashta (version updated on 08-Apr-2009)

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