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GenoPro Gamma - The Upcoming Version of GenoPro

What is GenoPro Gamma?

GenoPro gamma is the code name for our next version of GenoPro. We decided to drop the term "beta" because we overused in the past - GenoPro have been in beta for ~5 years, so using a new name will remove any confusion.

What will be added to GenoPro Gamma?

There are many little improvements, however there are the two major features in GenoPro Gamma:

  • State of the art collaboration system where multiple users can work simultaneously in the same document.  The collaboration module will support both online and offline modes, automatic merging of modified data, keep track of changes made by each user, rollback and security.
  • A problem spotter to find common mistakes such as a birth after mother's death, still living after 120+ years, duplicate individuals, overlapping/hidden individual...

In GenoPro Gamma, all Internet communications (file backup, publications, collaboration) are 128-bit SSL encrypted for your privacy.

When will GenoPro Gamma be released?

When GenoPro Gama will be ready, we will post a link to our home page and send an email via our newsletter.

How Can I participate in the Gamma Program?

GenoPro Gamma is a new product so you will have to purchase it.  We will offer a comprehensive discount for people upgrading from GenoPro 2007.

  • You can request a free temporary registration key to try GenoPro Gamma, just like trying GenoPro 2007. The evaluation key offers you a number of days where all the features of GenoPro Gamma are enabled.
  • You can purchase GenoPro Gamma (price not released yet; a discount will be available for GenoPro 2007 customers).
    This gives you the full version, all gamma versions, upgrades and patches as well as the final build of the next version of GenoPro. We strongly recommend users to try it first since we do not refund any gamma purchases.
    This offer will be a win-win deal for everyone, as users will get a great discount by pre-purchasing GenoPro as well as the benefit of using the new features right away, including the new collaboration module.  For us, we will have testers trying our new product and giving feedback and suggestions to further improve the quality.

After your temporary key has expired you will still be able to use GenoPro Gamma, but the application will turned into a nagware reminding you to purchase the application.

Is it safe to use GenoPro Gamma?

Using a "beta" software is always risky, since we try new technologies and sometimes we may change the internal structure. GenoPro Beta has been proven very reliable - we had thousand of Beta testers and over the five year period, there has not been a single case of data loss.  We expect GenoPro Gamma to be as stable since the file format won't be changed much.  In any case, GenoPro will perform automatically data conversion if necessary.

How does the collaboration module works?

The collaboration module is designed to be "transparent" and as easy as a "Save As".

  • First you create a new project for a document (family tree or genogram).
  • GenoPro always saves a copy of your document on the local disk as backup and also in case the network is no longer available.
  • After modifications, you save just as usual, your changes are sent to the server where they are merged with the "master" document.
  • Changes from other users (if any) are automatically downloaded and merged with your local version.
  • If you don't have access to the internet, GenoPro will remember your changes until you re-connect (synchronize) with the project.
  • You can invite others to join your project. Invitations are done by typing the email address and/or username and specify the access permission such as view the document and/or modify the document.

All changes are logged, who did what and when. Rollback will be available in case of an error or malicious collaborators.

We expect many users to benefit from this feature, including a single user creating a family on multiple computers. For instance, you may work alone however using a computer from home and from your office, as well as a notebook when you visit your relatives. The collaboration module will be perfect to handle such task.

Questions and Suggestions about GenoPro Gamma

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are more than welcome to post them on the Gamma forum.

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