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GenoPro Beta has been discontinued!

If you are looking for GenoPro Beta, you are a bit behind the curve.  We recommend downloading GenoPro at

What's New?

  • Full Unicode support for creating family trees with non-English characters such as Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, etc.
  • Draw your family tree with pictures. New tools to create professional genograms.
  • New legends that display only the symbol used.
  • GenoMaps for creating family trees hyperlinked together.
  • Emotional relationships between individuals
  • A powerful report generator capable to create HTML reports with pictures.
  • An online backup and many more great features!

How do I install GenoPro?

Download and run the installer GenoPro will automatically upgrade itself over the previous version, unless you explicitly specify a different folder.  Help downloading and installing GenoPro.

Can I lose my data by upgrading to GenoPro?

No, GenoPro reads all your data from version 1.00 onwards. The installer does not delete any document created by you.

Do I have to pay to upgrade from GenoPro 1.xx to GenoPro?

No, All versions prior are eligible for a full free upgrade to GenoPro. Just download GenoPro and enter your registration key.

Can I download a specific version of GenoPro Beta?

Sure, All Beta versions are available at our download archives.  We do not give technical support to GenoPro Beta and will not fix any bugs you may find using GenoPro Beta.


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