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GenoPro: A practical solution for lawyers

GenoPro offers a solution for gathering forensic information on your court cases in an accessible format. As a result of using GenoPro, you will have a better understanding of the context and circumstances present in your judicial proceeding.

GenoPro allows you to create a graphic database for all the information you collect from your client. This graphic database is known as a forensic genogram. Forensic genograms are ideal assessment and intervention tools that can routinely accompany the court letter providing the judge, prosecutor and defense with additional knowledge at a glance.


Genograms created with GenoPro provide a visual display of the family and the complexities of family relationships. They provide a quick visual reference of various categories of family information that can influence the physical and emotional health of your client: family structure, pattern repetition in families, family relationships, and family balance and imbalance. For example, a genogram may often reveal an upbringing of abuse, of ineffective communication patterns and of substance use. While an average family will have one or two members with maladaptive functioning, forensic families possess numerous dysfunctions.

Displaying family patterns in a genogram can allow for further understanding of events and factors in the individual lives of offenders that have resulted in their current situations before the courts. Highlighting a family history plagued with incarceration and violence may also encourage the client to be particularly aware of these issues in their own lives. Offenders will appreciate seeing the patterns in their lives as a beginning to their understanding of their personal circumstances.  

If you practice criminal law, you should be interested in the U.S. Supreme Court's eventual ruling in Rompilla v. Beard concerning ineffective assistance of counsel which was argued before the Court recently. In this capital case, the petitioner claimed ineffective assistance of counsel because his attorneys failed to review court files documenting his history of alcoholism and poverty, his low IQ and troubled childhood. The petitioner argued that had this information been presented at trial, he would have avoided a death sentence. By creating a forensic genogram with information gathered from court files and interviews with the client and his/her the family, criminal lawyers can easily avoid such a grave situation.

Social relationships

With GenoPro, you can also go beyond the family unit by displaying the social relationships in which your client is involved. You can illustrate the places and groups they belong to such as schools, youth facilities, gangs or associations. For example, a young gang member with no family support will need stronger intervention and support than a first-time offender who lives with a somewhat dysfunctional family.

A practical solution

Forensic genograms can be used as a graphic representation of a personal history narrative. They can lead a defense lawyer to determine a motive behind a crime, or rather provide evidence that a client had no direct involvement in a case. Most of all, genograms can be used as an intervention tool to implement proactive assessments, screening, and proper education and rehabilitation within the justice system. GenoPro is a practical solution for lawyers who are looking for ideas on legal strategies and who seek to act in the best interest of their client.  

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