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GenoPro 2020

GenoPro 2020 has the following new features from GenoPro 2011:

  • New tab to document the medical history of every individual, including viral infections such as COVID-19 and test results.
  • New symbols in the genogram / family tree to display if a person has been tested, and if the test result is positive, negative or inconclusive.
  • Sample file MedicalGenogram.gno so you may see on your computer the symbols of viral infections look like in a genogram / family tree.
  • Context menu to quickly assign a medical test result to an individual, automatically updating the last medical record (if any) or creating a new medical record.
  • New tab to document the criminal history of every individual in your genograms. This tab was requested by social workers for cases of foster children.
  • New symbol to display if an individual has been incarcerated.
  • New tab to document the individual involvement with a foster child. Again this feature was requested by social workers.
  • Problem Spotter helping you to find 23 types of potential errors in your family tree.
  • Picture Mode turning a family tree into a picture tree.
  • Contextual Toolbar displaying common tools to add parents, spouses and children to a selected individual or family.  The contextual toolbar is useful for beginners, and may be turned off once the user knows how to use the keyboard shortcuts of toolbar buttons.
  • Many improved templates to generate reports in HTML with picture albums, timelines, birthday calendars, interactive SVG and to generate PDFs of your family tree.
  • Available in 30 languages.

If you upgrade to GenoPro 2020, you will also get collaboration tokens of GenoProX (when available).

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