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GenoPro: A practical solution for educators

GenoPro offers you a class project like you have never seen before. Whether you teach history, science, psychology, religious studies or medicine, GenoPro can be of great use in your classroom. From small children to scholars, your students will be amazed to see static data come alive before their eyes.

GenoPro allows you to create genograms, which are family trees in a format that records information about family members and their relationships. Not only will your students be able to create genograms about their own families, but they will also be able to map out genograms on famous philosohpers, scientists, politicians, book characters and even non-human life forms!

Book reviews

Are the students in your class tired of writing book reviews? And are you tired of correcting the same old papers? Why not try a book genogram instead, just to be different. Students can map out the characters and add in as many details as they can find on the relationships that bind them together. Not only will they enjoy the experience, it will allow them to focus their attention on specific details and also see the big picture of the book. Start with Harry Potter’s family and show how he focuses his attention on father figures that he keeps losing. After mastering the art of genograms with a few biographies, move on to Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. Maybe you’ll finally be able to make heads and tails of what was going through Benjy’s head. Once the genograms are completed, the students can print out a report to hand in, and even publish their masterpieces on the Internet!

If you’re looking for a bigger project, why not create a genogram of the Bible? Maybe you can start with Genesis and Exodus this semester and move on to the rest of the Old Testament within a few years. Involve all your students and get them to discover the stories and the people of the Judeo-Christian heritage through this project. GenoPro offers a whole new way to approach history and religious studies.

Family genograms

In a psychology, social work or medicine class, you can also ask the students to map out a genogram of their own families as an assignment. Get them to include information on their health history or conflict within the family. They will be able to see that they come from their own imperfect family and they may have issues to deal with as professionals. Mostly, they will see that a genogram can be useful in helping their future patients or clients resolve family issues or be aware of health risks.

Science projects

In science classes, the students can use genograms to map out their science projects on various subjects, including mice or fruit flies. Each entity will allow them to place unlimited amounts of information such as genetic mutations observed or mating patterns. They can use the report generator to perform complex data processing and generate detailed HTML and graphical reports instead of creating endless tables of statistics by hand. The visual aspect of a genogram may even help to see patterns emerge very quickly!

Student program

The best part is yet to come: your school will not have to invest thousands of dollars for use of this software. Find out all about our free 180-day evaluation key for teachers and students at .

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