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GenoPro: A practical solution for Students

GenoPro offers a solution for students who need an easy-to-use software for their unique school project. Whether you are taking a family systems class or a science class, GenoPro will provide you a way to enter all your data into an organized visual display. You’ll be amazed to see static data come alive before your eyes.

Family genograms

Have you been asked to draw a family tree or a genogram for a class assignment? Your search is over, GenoPro is your solution. Download our free trial version or sign-up for our free student program and get started right away. Within minutes, you will have a professional-looking printable genogram and a report to hand in alongside. Use our online tutorials for complex family situations (divorces, adoptions, multiple births, etc.) or for details on genogram components such as emotional relationships, social relationships and medical pedigrees. GenoPro will save you time and energy, and even make this assignment enjoyable!

Are you reading Tolstoy, Dickens, Henry James or Thomas Mann? With GenoPro, you’ll finally be able to keep those dozens or hundreds of characters straight! Use GenoPro to create visual displays of the characters and how they relate to one another. You can add them in as you are reading, and when you’re finished reading the book, you’ll have a ready-made study guide for your exam!

If your teacher has just assigned you an essay on a novel, why not ask him or her if you can hand in a book genogram instead, just to be different. You can map out the characters and add in as many details as you can find on the relationships that bind them together. GenoPro will allow you to focus your attention on specific details and also see the big picture of the book. Start with Harry Potter’s family and show how he focuses his attention on father figures that he keeps losing. After mastering the art of genograms with a few more books, move on to Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. Maybe you’ll finally be able to make heads and tails of what was going through Benjy’s head. Once the genograms are completed, you can print out a report to hand in alongside your genogram, and even publish your masterpiece on the Internet!

For your history or religious studies class, you can select a historical biography on a famous person (Napoleon, Mozart, Gandhi or Einstein) or a book of the Bible and create a genogram of all the people who relate to the main character. You will be able to establish relationships, see patterns emerge and maybe even discover unnoticed relations. With GenoPro, every single step of the project will be interesting!

Do you want to present an award-winning science fair project? GenoPro can help you create a visual presentation of your findings that you can print out on a poster for your display. From Astronomy to Zoology, your imagination is the limit! There are so many ways to show how life forms evolve over a time period. Show how the size of a grain can affect the size of the plants that germinate from them, how people from different ethnic backgrounds have different lung capacities, how aging in fruit flies is affected by the radical roles in oxygen. You can use the report generator to perform complex data processing and generate detailed HTML and graphical reports instead of creating endless tables of statistics by hand.

Student program

Students can take advantage of our free 180-day evaluation key for teachers and students. Find out about our student program at


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