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GenoPro for Drawing Genograms

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If you wish to create genograms according to Monica McGoldrick's books, feel free to download InstallGenoProGenogram.exe (3 MB).  This special version of GenoPro 2011 has standarized settings to draw genograms the same as in the books Genograms: Assessment and Intervention and The Genogram Journey: Reconnecting with Your Family.

What is the difference between this version and the regular GenoPro at

Both versions GenoPro and GenoPro Genogram are capable to display identical genograms, however this version has the genogram options already enabled when you install GenoPro.

  • Genogram Dialog.  GenoPro has a special tab to create genograms.  This dialog allows the user to enter the sexual orientation and gender identity.  Also, this dialog is a great time saver because nearly all the genogram data is on a single window.
  • Genogram Dates.  GenoPro displays the year of birth to the left and the year of death to the right.
  • Family Relationships.  GenoPro displays a simplified list of family relationships.
  • When you request an evaluation key using GenoPro Genogram, you receive a free 180-day evaluation key instead of a 14-day evaluation key with GenoPro.

History of GenoPro for Genograms

We have been working for several years with Monica McGoldrick tweaking GenoPro to draw genograms for her books.  Since the genogram version of GenoPro had many improvements, we decided to release GenoPro 2011.  To honor compatibility with our 700,000 subscribers, some of the hard-core genogram features are in the Options dialog.  If you have installed GenoPro 2011 and wish to draw genograms, simply visit the Options dialog (Menu -> Tools -> Options) and enable the genogram options.  Likewise, you are welcome to download InstallGenoProGenogram.exe and later upgrade to GenoPro 2011 with a Check for Update and all your genogram options/settings will be remembered.

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