GenoPro Newsletter - April 2007

Genealogy Timeline, Forensic Genogram and Video Tutorials

Dear Firstname,
Welcome to the fourth edition of the GenoPro Newsletter.  If you missed our previous newsletters they are available online.

Announcing GenoPro 2007 Version

GenoPro just released version which includes a genealogy timeline for your HTML reports.

Genealogy Timeline

The genealogy timeline is an improvement for the skin English Narrative Report.  To create a timeline of your family tree, just click on the toolbar button Generate Report (Generate Report).  If you need help generating a report, you are welcome to view our video tutorial for generating a report.

Once your HTML report is generated, click on the icon Genealogy Timeline (Timeline) to view your family timeline.

Genealogy Timeline Icon

Your browser will display a timeline showing births, death and marriages. The timeline is interactive, as you can click to view detailed information and drag the mouse to display a different time window. To view a live report with such a timeline, you are welcome to visit

Timeline displaying important family events
Timeline of Harry Potter (

As a reminder, you can customize any of your HTML reports.  If you don't know how to customize your report, we created an introduction video tutorial to customize an HTML report.

Video Tutorials

Video Emotional Relationships 

Video: Creating Emotional Relationships

This video teaches you different ways to insert emotional relationships into your genogram to define and explain how individuals relate to one another. It also shows you how to temporarily hide the relationships without deleting them.

Video : Creating Emotional Relationships

Video Printing a Genogram 

Video: Printing my Genogram

This video helps you to understand the various print settings in GenoPro. It will show you how to modify the zoom in order to fit your genogram on a required number of pages, and how to print from a plotter.

Most of all, you will learn how to print a specific section of your tree by copying and pasting the individuals into a new GenoMap.

Video: Printing Your Genogram

Creating custom tags video

Video: Creating Custom Tags

This video shows you how to add custom tags in GenoPro to include information that you find relevant, but for which there is no specific box. This easy process will allow you to include tags that apply to individuals, families or any other object type.

With custom tags, all information will be sorted in the right place and will be just as easy to find as the original tabs provided in GenoPro. 

Video: Creating Custom Tags

Creating a Forensic Genogram

When a client is sentenced in court, probation officers are asked to present a presentencing report, considered as one of the most important documents in the criminal field. Presentence investigative reports are intended to provide the judge with comprehensive information on the offender. This report describes the background and character of the person being sentenced and it contains information such as prior criminal convictions, education, work history, financial status, length of residence in the community, physical and mental history, and substance abuse history, among others.

Genograms can illustrate a personal history narrative in a visual format, and the report generated by GenoPro can provide the written component. ”

The information provided on the report can be gathered from the defendant, family members, victims or other important individuals in the defendant’s background and be presented in the form of a forensic genogram. Genograms can illustrate a personal history narrative in a visual format, and the report generated by GenoPro can provide the written component.

For a complete genogram, you will need to enter the offender and his or her family members, as well as other important individuals. Then, you must include detailed emotional and social relationships, and provide a legend to explain the various symbols used for the physical and mental history, as well as the substance abuse history.

To include information such as prior criminal convictions and financial status in your genogram, you will need to make use of Customs Tags (see video), as GenoPro does not directly provide slots specific for these details. Once you have created these, you will be able to add all the detailed information you have. As well, you may display important elements from your custom tags directly on the genogram by selecting the appropriate custom tag from the Display menu, as seen with the prior convictions display in the following genogram.
With the use of the tabs provided in the Individual Properties, and the ones created with custom tags, your forensic genogram can include all the details of a lengthy report. Following is an example of a forensic genogram where Andrew is the client.

Forensic Genogram


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