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What is an Unlimited Site License?

Our unlimited site license has no limit on the number of users.  The benefit is you don't need to distribute license keys or keep track of them.  After purchasing your site license, you receive an email with a customized download link unique to your organization.  You are welcome to share this download link with anyone in your organization wishing to install GenoPro.  With this download link, there is no activation window because the registration key is already present within the installer you just downloaded.  Manually installing GenoPro from a site license is a matter of two mouse clicks, or could be fully automated with the Unattended command line parameter.

Our unlimited site license typically includes all employees, volunteers (if any), members, clients and guests of your organization.  If you are purchasing on behalf of a government organization, the site license is good for all the employees of the department and the direct clients the department is working with.

All licenses of GenoPro 2020 are perpetual.  You pay only once, and you are welcome to use your copy of GenoPro 2020 for as long as you wish, without paying any extra.  Our perpetual licensing policy is valid for all purchases of GenoPro 2020, whatever you purchase a single license, multiple licenses, a site license or an academic license.

Another Benefit of Purchasing the Enterprise Site License: Data Privacy

If your organization is building family trees or genograms containing sensitive information, you have the option to disable any of the following:

After completing your purchase you send us an email with the options you wish to disable.  Your custom download link will take care of everything for you so you don't need to worry about employees accidentally transmitting sensitive data over the Internet.

Benefits of Purchasing the Academic Site License

The academic site license is similar as the enterprise site license: employees, professors, students, alumni, donors and guests are welcome to install GenoPro on their computer(s) for school, work and personal projects such as genealogy. Since the academic site license has a big discount, it is valid only for a single site. Academic institutions and charity organizations having multiple sites (locations) are welcome to contact us to receive a special quote for their site license.

Optional Benefits of Purchasing a Site License

If you provide us your corporate logo and URL, we will build you a custom version of GenoPro like the screenshots below.  Once your custom build is ready, we will send you a link to download your custom version of GenoPro. Since this build has your logo, the registration key is now optional, thus saving time during installation. Your IT team will be able to automate the deployment of GenoPro by running a command-line installation if they wish. 

Corporate site license sold to BJG 

Corporate site license sold to Asset Management Advisors

Academic Site License

An academic site license is available for $395.  Students and faculty staff members are install GenoPro 2020 on their personal laptops for work, school and/or personal projects such as genealogy.

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