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GenoPro: A practical solution for people of all professions

GenoPro is a solution for everyone who needs reliable and innovative software to discover the significant implications of relationships, while not neglecting the shaping role of genetics. Graphically illustrate and store your data, generate detailed reports, and reach an evolving understanding of the intimate connections between human beings, animals and other life forms.

GenoPro offers a solution for YOU. Move forward and begin exploring the ties that bind you together.

"GenoPro can become your most valuable tool in organizing your family data."

Social workers
"Each type of emotional relationship is uniquely designed and colour-coded for easy assessment of the level of cohesiveness within a family or a group."

Health professionals
"The genogram graphically portrays inherited risk for specific health problems and suggests strategies for screening, diagnosis, and management"

"Not only will your students be able to create genograms about their own families, but they will also be able to map out genograms on famous politicians, book characters and even non-human life forms!"

"GenoPro offers a solution for students who need an easy-to-use software for their unique school project."

"[Genograms] provide a quick visual reference of various categories of family information that can influence the physical and emotional health of your client: family structure, pattern repetition in families, family relationships, and family balance and imbalance."

Event Planners  
"If you are organizing a professional development workshop, a diversity training session, a team building seminar or a family retreat, GenoPro has a solution for you."

"You may develop your own symbols or custom tags to suit your research subject. As you working with a visual display, you will see patterns emerge or discover unknown relations, every researchers goal."

Nurse Practitioners
"Using GenoPro, you will have a better understanding of the context of the symptoms your patients present during their medical visits."

"GenoPro allows you to create psychosocial genograms that illustrate the emotional and social relationships in which your client is involved."

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