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Collection.Add Method

The Add method is essential to grow a collection with new items. The Add method is able to add a single item, or an entire collection.


	collection.Add(oItem | oCollection)

For instance, if you want to have a list of all the grandchildren, you create an empty collection and add the children of each child.

Set collectionGrandChildren = Util.NewGenoCollection	' (1)
For Each c In i.children
    collectionGrandChildren.Add c.children		' (2)
collectionGrandChildren.Remove i.children		' (3)
collectionGrandChildren.RemoveDuplicates ' (4) Report.WriteBr "Number of Grand Children: " & collectionGrandChildren.Count ' (5) Report.Write3Br "Grand Children: ", collectionGrandChildren.ToHtmlHyperlinks ' (6)

Comment (1) - New Collection
This line does create an empty collection named collectionGrandChildren. You can also start with an existing collection if convenient. For instance, you could have

Set collectionGrandChildren = i.children

while keeping in mind you have to remove those children as comment (3).

Comment (2) - Add Collection to Collection
The second phase is to loop through each child and add his/her children to the collection (if any). The result will be a list of the grandchildren.

Comment (3) - Remove from Collection
As a safety measure, the grandchildren should not include the children. There are cases where a child may be present as a child and as a grandchild, such as adoption by a grandparent or the sad story of a daughter pregnant by her father.

Comment (4) - Remove Duplicates
The same grandchild cannot be appear twice, so it is safe to remove any duplicates. Duplicate may occur in the case of an uncle adopting a child, or an error in the genealogy tree.

Comment (5) - Collection Count
The exact number of grandchildren can be calculated using the property Count.

Comment (6) - Collection Items
The method ToHtmlHyperlinks may not display the same number of grandchildren as the collection count. This is because any grandchild without a name will be skipped by the method ToHtmlHyperlinks. To resolve this problem and explicitly display each grand child, you can use the method ToHtmlHyperlinksNN.

The Add method does nothing if the item or the collection is empty. If you are attempting to add to the collection something else than a valid GenoPro object such as a string or a number, the Add method will throw the exception "Type Mismatch".

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