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Collection.ToHtmlHyperlinks Method

The method ToHtmlHyperlinks formats an HTML hyperlink for each item in the collection. The method returns a formatted string containing HTML tags. If the item cannot be linked, then the text is encoded as regular HTML text without the hyperlink. The method ToHtmlHyperlinks has the same parameters as the method ToString, with an additional parameter strAttributesHtml.


	collection.ToHtmlHyperlinks([strTagName] [,strEmptyValue] [,strSeparator] [,strAttributesHtml])

strTagName, strEmptyValue, strSeparator:
See ToString for details.

This optional parameter specifies additional attributes to the anchor <a> tag. For instance, you may specify the target frame or the style of each hyperlink. The following example formats the hyperlinks with a style to be displayed in the red color.

Report.Write3Br "Children: ", i.children.ToHtmlHyperlinks(,,,"style='color: FF0000'")


This method is the same as ToHtmlHyperlinks however the strEmptyValue is substituted by Dictionary("_NoName").


	collection.ToHtmlHyperlinksNN([strTagName] [,strSeparator] [,strAttributesHtml])

Use the method ToHtmlHyperlinksNN when you want to display a list of names. If a name is missing, the method will automatically substitute the <No Name> for you. Instead of writing

Report.WriteText i.children.ToHtmlHyperlinks(,Dictionary("_NoName"))

you can write

Report.WriteText i.children.ToHtmlHyperlinksNN


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