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GenoRect Class

The GenoRect class encapsulates a rectangle.

Property Description
Left Get or set the left value of the rectangle.
Right Get or set the right value of the rectangle.
Top Get or set the top value of the rectangle.
Bottom Get or set the bottom value of the rectangle.
ToString Returns a string representing the rectangle. The string returned includes two points in the format "x1, y1 x2, y2".
Example: 123,456 678,999
FormatXY1XY2 Similar to the ToString property, however returns a string ready for HTML/XML/SVG attributes. Optionally, you may pass a parameter to inflate the rectangle.
Example: x1="123" y1="456" x2="789" y2="999"
FormatXYWH Very similar to FormatXY1XY2, however returns a width and height instead of x2, y2.
Example: x1="123" y1="456" width="666" height="543"

Here is an example to use the GenoRect object.

Set rc = i.Position.boundary_rect
Report.WriteBr rc ' Write the default value (implicitly calling ToString)
Report.WriteBr rc.FormatXY1XY2
Report.WriteBr rc.FormatXY1XY2(-10) ' Shrink the rectangle by 10 units on each side

rc.Left = rc.Left + 1 ' Move the left edge by one unit
Report.WriteBr rc.FormatXYWH
Report.WriteBr rc.FormatXYWH(+5) ' Inflate the rectangle by 5 units on each side

Future Improvements:

The methods FormatXY1XY2 and FormatXYWH could have an extra parameter strFormatOptions to perform additional formatting:

strFormatOption Meaning
" Put double quotes around the values. This is the default value anyways
Example: x1="123" y1="456" x2="789" y2="999"
' Put double quotes around the values.
Example: x1='123' y1='456' x2='789' y2='999'
= Don't put any quotes around the values.
Example: x1=123 y1=456 x2=789 y2=999
- Negate the y-values (Top and Bottom)
Example: x1="123" y1="-456" x2="789" y2="-999"
, (comma) Separate the values with a comma instead of a space.
Example: x1="123",y1="456",x2="789",y2="999"

Of course, you could make combinations such as

rc.FormatXYWH 10, "-="

This would return a rectangle inflated by 10 units on each site, with the top and bottom negated and no quotes around the values.


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