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OLE Automation

GenoPro allow you to interact with external application using the COM interface.

GenoPro has support for OLE Automation.  This feature allows GenoPro to become a component of a larger software package.  The following executables are programs written to automatically open a genealogy within GenoPro and automatically get the genealogy tree when the user clicks on the Save button, or closes GenoPro.  You can try it easily, just run one of the executable and you will see for yourself.

Visual Basic 6
Download Demo Source Code (Visual Basic 6 Project): - 8 KB

Download Demo Source Code (VB.NET Project): - 38 KB 

C# 2.0
Download Demo Source Code (Required the .NET framework 2.0)  - 32 KB

Download Demo Source Code (J++ Project): - 21 KB

What Automation Can Do?

Many corporate customers have requested a COM Interface for GenoPro.  The term OLE Automation is the implementation of a collection of COM Interfaces.  A COM Interface is a binary protocol to allow different applications to communicate and exchange data.

If you need to display a family tree inside your software but do not want to write all the code to edit and draw a family tree, then OLE Automation is your solution.  GenoPro can become an integrated component of your software package. Your program may be written in Java, C#, C, C++, VisualBasic or with a simple script such as VBScript, JavaScript, PerlScript.  The example below is a VBScript capable to launch GenoPro, open/create a family tree and save the family tree data in the XML format. 

    Dim docGenoPro

    Sub btnOpen_onclick()
        Set docGenoPro = CreateObject("GenoPro.Document")
        docGenoPro.SetTextXML editSource.Value
    End Sub

    Sub btnGetText_onclick()
        edit2.Value = docGenoPro.GetTextXML
    End Sub

Test Drive the Automation Server

You need Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.  If you do not have Internet Explorer, the demo below will not work.  Internet Explorer is a great companion to GenoPro, since GenoPro is an ActiveX control capable to display a family tree within a web browser.  To view a demo of a family tree inside a web page, visit

Clicking on the button "Open GenoPro document" will inject the XML text into the new GenoPro document.  Depending on your web browser, you may have to include the website "" to the Trusted Sites (Menu -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites... -> "" -> Add).  If you prefer, you can download/copy the following HTML page on your machine and try the demo without any special setting.

Clicking on the button below will get the XML text from GenoPro and store it into the text box below:


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