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Util.GetStatisticsForIndividuals Method

The GetStatisticsForIndividuals method returns a number representing the statistics of one individual or multiple individuals.

Returned Value Interpretation Description
0   The collection is empty.
1   The collection contains a single individual and he/she is alive.
2 1 + 1 The collection contains multiple individuals and all of them are alive.
5 4 + 1 One individual deceased and nobody else is alive.
6 4 + 1 + 1 One individual deceased but there is at least one individual alive.
10 4 + 4 + 1 + 1 Multiple individuals deceased, however there may be more individuals alive.

In summary, everything below the number 4 means "alive" and anything above it mean deceased. If you need to know if all the individuals in the collection have deceased, you have to write your own routine.

The method GetStatisticsForIndividuals can have multiple parameters. For instance, you can call the following:

' Get the statistics for the entire family (dad, mom and the children)
nStatistics = Util.GetStatisticsForIndividuals(i. i.father, i.mother, i.children)

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