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GenoObject Class

The GenoObject class encapsulates a generic GenoPro object such as an individual, family, pedigree link, picture. Depending on the class of object, different properties are available. For instance, a picture has a property named path, while an individual has a property named birthday. Use the Tag Definitions dialog (Menu -> Tools -> Tag Definitions) to get a list of all the properties of each object class.

The following table displays a list of properties available to all GenoObjects.

Property Description
Class Returns the class name of the object. The class name is a string describing the data type of the object such as "Individual", "Family", "Picture". The class name is the singular version to a collection name.
Document Return the document containing the object.
Session Return a session repertory associate with this object.
TagValue Returns the value of a tag.
nYearOfBirth = i.TagValue("")

Methods Description
FindFamilies(oMate) Return the families based on the individual and another individual.
FindMate(oFamily) Return the mate (Husband or Spouse) of a the individual for a particular family.
PictureDimension(maxSize, format) Apply only to Object of type Picture. Return the dimension of the picture with an optional max size and optional output format.
ToHtmlHyperlink Returns a string representing an HTML hyperlink of the object. If the object has no filename associated to it, the returned value is the name of the object without any hyperlink.
ToHtmlHyperlinkNN Same as ToHtmlHyperlink, however an empty name is substituted by _NoName from the dictionary.
ToHtmlHyperlinkPicture Returns a string representing an HTML hyperlink to the primary picture of the object.


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