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Report.AbortPage Method

The AbortPage method interrupts the script and asks the report generator to start generating the next page. This method is somewhat the equivalent to Response.End in ASP, however the AbortPage method prevents content of the generated HTML page to be written to disk.

The AbortPage method does not display any errors for the user. To display an error for the user, use the method LogError .

You may use the AbortPage method if you encounter a minor error and do not want further processing of the current report file, yet do not want to abort the entire report. You can also use the AbortPage method as a feature to generate pages only for specific data.


This is an example of using the AbortPage to generate a report page for deceased individuals only.

if (i.is_dead <> "Y") then
end if

Similarly, you may want to generate a picture album for a specific date range or a location, by skipping any unwanted picture using the AbortPage method.

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