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Report.WriteText Method

The WriteText method is very similar to the Write method, however its purpose is to output text to the report. This method does perform HTML encoding so that any special character reserved by HTML is not interpreted as an HTML tag.



For details about the HTML encoding, please read the documentation of Util.HtmlEncode. In summary, the WriteText method is the equivalent to:

Report.Write Util.HtmlEncode(str) ' Same as Report.WriteText

Use the WriteText method to output text such as names and comments. If you are not sure, it is always safe to use the WriteText method rather than the Write method.

Report.WriteText "Name: " & i.Name
Report.WriteText "Picture Description: " & i.Picture.Primary.Description

' Using WriteText on i.Children.Count is the same as using the Write method
' because the HTML encoding of a number is the same as the number itself
Report.WriteText "Number of Children: " & i.Children.Count

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