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Report.Parameters Property

The Parameters property is used to retrieve the parameters (if any) from the configuration file.


strParameterValue = Report.Parameters(strParameterName)

In the configuration file, add the attribute ThumbnailSize.

	<Parameters ThumbnailSize="200x200" />

To fetch the thumbnail size, use the Parameters property as seen below.

strParameterThumbnailSize = Report.Parameters("ThumbnailSize")
Report.Write "Thumbnail Size: " & strParameterThumbnailSize 
' Output: Thumbnail Size: 200x200

In this example, displaying the thumbnail size using Report.Write is not very useful, however the thumbnail size may be used as the parameter strAspectRatio for the method Report.WritePicture.

Reserved Parametes:
GenoPro gives special attention to the reserved parameters, as they have a direct effect on the generated report.

So far, the only reserved parameter is _PathPictures. This parameter defines where the pictures are located in the generated report. By default, the pictures are copied to the destination report in the sub folder named "Pictures". If you wish the pictures to be copied to a different sub-folder, you can change the value to any sub-folder you want. If you specify "." as the sub-folder, then GenoPro will copy the pictures in the same folder as the generated HTML pages.

If you have a server dedicated for pictures, or a folder already containing all your pictures, you may specify the URL where those pictures are located. GenoPro will link to those pictures rather than copy them. This will make the report generation faster as well as saving you disk space.

All reserved parameters are accessible via the Parameters property. For instance, if you want to create a custom picture album, you can use this parameter to create the hyperlinks to your pictures.

Architecture Design:
The Parameters is a property of the Report object rather than being a property of the ReportGenerator object. In the future, the configuration file will allow each <Report> tag to have additional parameters.

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