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Report.AbortTemplae Method

The AbortTemplate method is very similar to AbortPage by interrupting the generation of the current HTML page and skipping to the next template in the report skin configuration. If the template does not have an associated collection ("For" attribute), this method is identical to AbortPage.

The AbortTemplate method does not not display any errors for the user. To display an error for the user, use the method LogError .

You may use the AbortTemplate method if you encounter a minor error and do not want further processing of the template (collection). For instance, you may want to use a third party tool to create thumbnails, and the tool failed to load. As a result, you would abort the template "thumbnail.htm" and let the report generator generate the rest of the report.


This is an example of using the AbortPage to generate a report page for deceased individuals only.

Dim oThumbnailCreator
oThumbnailCreator = Session("oThumbnailCreator")
If Not IsObject(oThumbnailCreator) Then
	oThumbnailCreator = CreateObject("MyObjects.ThumbnailCreator")
	If Not IsObject(oThumbnailCreator) Then
		Report.LogError "Unable to load the Thumbnail Creator component"
	End If
	Session("oThumbnailCreator") = oThumbnailCreator
End If
In this example, the script engine will return the runtime error 800A01AD (ActiveX component can't create object: 'MyObjects.ThumbnailCreator') because the component MyObjects.ThumbnailCreator is fictitious. The goal of this example was to provide a context where the AbortTemplate method may be used.

You can use both AbortPage and AbortTemplate methods to create fancy reports. For instance, if you want to display two picture albums, you may have the following skin configuration:

	<Report Template="PictureAlbum.htm" OutputFile="Album1/{id}.htm" For="Pictures" />
	<Report Template="PictureAlbum.htm" OutputFile="Album2/{id}.htm" For="Pictures" />

At first, it may appear the folders "Album1" and "Album2" may contain the same picture album, however using a combination of AbortPage and AbortTemplate methods may produce two different picture albums.

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