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Report.Write Method

Core method to output a string to the report. The string is appended to the output stream buffer until written to disk when the script terminates. Contrary to the WriteText method, the Write method does not perform any special processing to encode the string. The Write is the fastest method to write to the output stream.



Use the Write method to output text that cannot contain any special HTML characters (such as a number), or output a string that is intended to have HTML characters such hyperlink or an image.

Report.Write "Number of Children: " & i.Children.Count
Report.Write "Children: " & i.Children.HtmlHyperlinks
Report.Write "<img border='0' src='MyPicture.jpg' />
Report.Write "This is <b>bold</b> text"

Performance Notes:
The Write is the fastest method to output a string. If you need to output text, then use the WriteText method. It is faster to use WriteText than using the combination of Write and Util.HtmlEncode.

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