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ReportGenerator Class

The ReportGenerator class is somewhat the logical root of the report engine, however most of the useful methods are found in the Report object.

Property Description
Document Returns the document object (family tree) associated to the report. The Document object is the core data structure of the genealogy tree, and allow you to get any collection (individuals, families, pictures), or get the XML data of the genealogy tree.
ExtraFiles(strFile) Returns the name of an extra file included in the report. Returns an empty string if the extra file is not present in the report. The report generator can include extra files to the report. The three files are "FamilyTree.gno", "FamillyTree.xml" and "FamilyTree.ged". If you wish to use a different filename, you can change those values in the configuration file.

Use the property ExtraFiles if you want to create a link to any of those extra file. The following will create an hyperlink to open the Gedcom file stored in the report.

strFileNameGedcom = ReportGenerator.ExtraFiles("FamilyTree.ged")
If (strFileNameGedcom <> "") Then
    Report.Write "<a href='" & strFileNameGedcom & "'>Open Gedcom File</a>"
End If
NegateAxisY Negate all y-coordinates.  This is useful when generating a graphical tree using a different set of coordinates.  Some graphic assumes the origin (0,0) is at the the top left of the screen, and increasing Y moves downwards.  Other graphics assume the Cartesian coordinate system where the origin is at the bottom left of the screen and increasing Y moves upwards.  By default GenoPro assumes the Cartesian coordinate systems, however you can change the sign of all y-coordinates by setting this value to true.
PathOutput Returns a string of the output path, such as "C:\My Genealogy Report\" .  Returns an empty string if the report is generated over an FTP connection. If the string is non-empty, the path is always appended with the backslash (\) path separator so you can concatenate a filename to it.
PathOutputHttp Returns a string of the HTTP URL when the report is being generated over an FTP connection. This path is a complement to the "ftp path" allowing you to manually create HTML hyperlinks to the destination report.
PathSkin Returns a string of the path where the skin is located on the local disk such as "C:\Program Files\GenoPro\Skins\My Skin\".  The path is always appended with the backslash (\) path separator so you can concatenate a filename to it. You can use this property if you need to load special components for your report, such as a DLL or a special configuration/data file. In the future, this path may be empty if the skin is from the executable GenoPro.exe or if packaged in a .skn file. Don't worry about this string being empty in the future; GenoPro will provide a mechanism to load your component from a packaged .skn file.
SkinName Returns the name of the skin
SkinVersion Returns the version of the skin
SoftwareVersion Returns the version of GenoPro

Function Description
FileWrite(String fileName, [String encoding]) Writes a file with the report output with an optional encoding.


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