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Report.Write3Br Method

The Write3Br method is almost identical to the Write3 method. The only difference is the <br /> tag is appended at the end of the the last parameter. Of course, the <br /> tag is written only if the middle parameter is non empty.


Report.Write3Br(str1, str2 [, str3])

In summary, the Write3Br method is the equivalent of the following piece of code:

If (str2 <> "") Then
	Report.Write str1 & str2 & str3 & "<br />"
End If


If (str2 <> "") Then
	Report.Write str1
	Report.Write str2
	Report.Write str3
	Report.Write "<br />"
End If

In the previous example, we used the Write3 method to output the year of birth. Well, instead of writing this code:

Report.Write3 "Year of Birth: ",, "<br />"

we can write that code:

Report.Write3Br "Year of Birth: ",

The third parameter is always optional. If this parameter is omitted, then an empty string is assumed. This behavior is consistent for all "sandwich" methods having 3 parameters.


Report.Write3Br "Permanent ID: ",		' No third parameter
Report.Write3Br "Number of Children: <b>", i.children.count, "</b>"

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