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Report.AbortReport Method

The AbortReport method is for stopping the report generator. All scripts are aborted, and the ExtraFiles are not written either. The AbortReport method does not not display any error to the user. To display an error to the user, use the method LogError .

You may use the AbortReport method if you encounter an error important enough to stop the report generator. For instance, your report may require a custom component or mandatory file, and if that component and/or file is missing, then the report cannot be generated.


Architecture Design:
The method AbortReport is a method of the Report object rather than being a method of the ReportGenerator object. After all, it would make more sense to use ReportGenerator.AbortReport rather than Report.AbortReport. The rationale of this design decision is for consistency with the methods AbortPage and AbortTemplate and for future growth. In the future, a single ReportGenerator object may have many Report objects running simultaneously. By having the method AbortReport part of the report stream, it is possible to locate which script aborted the report and perform additional processing.

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