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How do I recover lost genealogy data or find an old .gno file?

There is no easy solution for this. If you had a disk failure and lost all data from your hard drive, you have the following options to recover your family tree:

1. If you performed an online backup to our server you can visit download them again.

2. If you sent your genealogy to another user via the Send File , then a copy of that file may be still be on our server in the Inbox of the destination recipient. (Check for a My Sent Files in your account)

3. By default, GenoPro includes a copy of your family tree with each HTML report. Try to find an HTML report generated by GenoPro and you may find a FamilyTree.gno which contains your genealogy data

4. Search for gno files on your computer. Sometimes we just forget where we stored the file or it has been move accidently.

If none of the above options gives you results, then try the following:

- Search for a backup CD where you may have copied your family tree. Your family tree may have been stored on an old computer, on a relative's computer.
- Search for your email records where you may have sent a .gno file to someone else.

Good luck!

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