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Document Default Font

GenoPro offers you the option to pick a different font to display your family tree.  Most of the time, the font selection is a matter of aesthetics, however sometimes picking the right font is important to display names in a foreign alphabet, such as Chinese and Japanese symbols.

To select change the default font, click on the File menu, and select Properties.  GenoPro will display document properties dialog and you will see the Font tab listing all fonts installed on your computer.

The Document Properties Dialog - Font Tab

To pick a font, simply double click on the font name. GenoPro displays a checkbox for each font supporting a given alphabet (Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Japanese), therefore making it easy for you to pick a font suitable for your family tree.

GenoPro using the Algerian Font

GenoPro dialog with the Impact Font selected

Changing the fonts in the Menus and Dialogs

If you wish to change the font in the Menus and Dialogs, then you have to change the Windows Font from the Control Panel.  This is because GenoPro does not draw the text in the menus, dialogs, button and checkboxes.  Instead, it is Windows drawing such text using the font specified in the Control Panel.  Therefore, if you want GenoPro to display text in a foreign language such as Greek, then you have to change the Windows font from the Control Panel.

The easiest way of changing the Windows font is to right-click on your desktop to bring the context menu and select Properties.  Then, click on the Appearance tab.

Changing Windows Appearance

Then, click on the Advanced button to actually pick the desired font.  You will see the following dialog:

Changing the Windows Font

To change the font, click on the text you wish to change, such as the menu text or the message box text, and then pick the font you wish.  When you are done, click on the OK button.


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