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Fast Saving My Genealogy Tree

GenoPro offers an option to fast save your family tree.  This option will save your document about 10 times faster and open it about 20 times faster than a regular save.  If you have a family tree over 50,000 individuals and feel GenoPro is slow while saving or loading documents, you are welcome to try this option.  You will be amazed how fast GenoPro can be.

By default, GenoPro saves its documents in a compressed XML format.  Saving into XML requires a lot processing and a huge amount of memory.  The Fast Save option saves the .gno document into a native binary format internally used by GenoPro.  The result is a significant speed increase, however at the cost of compatibility.  With the Fast Save option, a third party tool can no longer analyze or edit the .gno document.  Before upgrading, you will have to turn off the Fast Save option to allow the newer version to read the .gno file.

There is no danger of data loss using the Fast Save.  The worse case is having GenoPro display the dialog Incorrect File Version if you forget to turn off this option while upgrading.

Quick save your genealogy tree



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