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"FTP Client" for

The "FTP Client" is a free tool for customizing your HTML report published at This tool is similar as a regular FTP Client, allowing to upload, rename and delete files to your family tree report.

DownloadDownload GenoPro FTP Client (104 KB)
This tool requires the .NET framework 2.0.  You can download the .NET framework via the Windows Update or from the Microsoft Web site.

This tool is useful to modify an existing report without the need for creating a custom skin or re-generate the entire report.  Using our "FTP Client" tool, you can do the following:

  • Upload files using drag & drop, up to 30 megabytes per file.
  • Rename files or folders.
  • Delete files or pictures you no longer want in your publication.
GenoPro FTP Client screenshot
FTP Client main dialog

The tool is simple to use; when you launch the application, the tool will ask for your username and password.  Remember all GenoPro services including our forum, backup and online publication use the same password. Your username is your email if you haven't explicitly picked a username.  If you forgot your password, you can recover it here.

FTP client login dialog
FTP client login dialog

After the login,  you have to open an existing publication from the top dropdown menu. If you haven't published anything yet, this tool won't be useful for you.  To publish an HTML report, use our report generator.

Once the publication selected, the left menu displays the folder associated with the report, and the right pane displays the files in the selected folder.

Adding new files

To upload files to your report, simple drag and drop the file(s) from Windows Explorer into the FTP Client tool.  The tool will automatically care of the rest and transmit the selected file(s) to you publication at There is no limit on how many files you can upload, however we limit each file to a maximum of 30 megabytes. If you really need to host larger files, please contact GenoPro.

Renaming a file

To change the name of a file, click on the filename (first column) in the right pane and edit the name. The file will be automatically renamed online.

Deleting a file

To remove a file from your publication, select it the right pane of the tool and press the delete key. You can delete multiple files at once.
* There is no undo available and we do not recover lost files that have been deleted by the user.


You are welcome to upload pictures, sound and video clips, and other documents related to your genealogy research. If you upload files containing applications, games or other non-genealogy content, we will disable your account. We do not plan to police the content of your family report, however if we receive complaints of abuse, we will examine each complaint on a case-by-case basis.

DownloadDownload GenoPro FTP Client (104 KB)
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