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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ has been divided into different sections:  

Download GenoPro

How do I download GenoPro Beta?
How do I download GenoPro Gold?
How do I download GenoPro?
How do I download the free version of GenoPro?


Can GenoPro be installed on Linux?
Can I also install GenoPro on my laptop or at work?
How can I install multiple versions of GenoPro on the same computer?
How do I install GenoPro on multiple computers?
How do I install GenoPro?
How do I send the GenoPro software installation to a friend?
Is there a Macintosh version of GenoPro?


Do I lose my information when upgrading?
How do I check for a newer version?
How do I install a new version?
How do I upgrade GenoPro?
Do I have to pay to upgrade from 1.xx to GenoPro 2007?
Do I have to pay to upgrade from GenoPro Beta to GenoPro 2007?
Do I have to pay to upgrade from GenoPro Gold to GenoPro 2007?


How can I recover a lost registration key?
How can I recover my registration after I changed my email?
How can I cancel my registration?
How do I apply for the Academic program?
How do I register GenoPro?
Why didn't I receive my free registration key?
What do I do after the registration period expires?
Why isn't my registration key working?

Purchase GenoPro

How can I purchase GenoPro without a credit card?
Can I buy GenoPro in my country?
Can I purchase the software for two users and load it on two computers, or do I have to purchase two licenses seperately?
Does the product have an expiration date?
Do I have to pay every year?
How can I give GenoPro to a friend as a gift?
How do I buy GenoPro?
How do I buy multiple licenses?
How do I get a refund?
How do I order the GenoPro packaging?
How long does it take before I receive my license?

Using GenoPro

How do I show a divorce?
How do I show a particular person as the focused subject?
How do I automatically set the individual's position by using AutoArrange?
How do I create backups?
How do I print a large sheet (plotter) ?
How do I print larger?
How do I print the table layout?
How can I change the font of the Narrative Report?
How do I remove private information in the report?
How do I add a pregnant woman?
How do I add relationships like man-man and woman-woman?
How do I change the date format?
How do I create twins?
How do I display or hide a toolbar?
How do I move an entire branch?

How do I use for free?
How can I request a change or remove information published at
How do I delete my family tree published at
How do I prevent my report from being visible in Google, Yahoo, Msn...?

Other questions

How do I stop receiving mail from GenoPro?
How do I recover or create a new password?
Why isn't my password working?
Questions on resellers
Why is the new Beta (after GenoPro 2007) not free?
How do I recover lost genealogy data or find an old .gno file?
How do I download the GenoPro help files for offline use?
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